Thursday, 10 May 2018

Our Friendship Pole

During Term One, a small group of Rakau students decided that our Friendship Pole needed some attention as it was looking rather tired. They set to work to plan how they would do this and come up with ideas of what it might look like.  They really wanted it to reflect the concept of friendship and caring for others in our school. 

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have Sarah (Clover and Trixie’s Mum),come and help them with the action phase. It was great to see lots of children involved during lunchtime with the painting of handprints on our pole. It includes tamariki from every class and most of the staff's handprints as well.
Words that support our REACH values were added to help remind us of the values we aspire to at Ashley School.
Great job Sarah, Lachlan, Ryia, Clover, Eden and Jorja-Rose who helped this wonderful project to happen at our school. It is certainly a bright and colourful addition to our environment and most importantly about bringing our school community together. Kapai!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks to everyone involved.
    It was time for a revamp and it looks amazing.
    Well done folks.
    Mrs R.💕