Thursday, 10 May 2018

A Native Garden

Now that it is Autumn, a good time for planting, the Green Team has worked together to bring about one of the ideas that Ella, a Year 7 student, had asked to be included in our EnviroVision Map early last year -  to create a native garden that used plants representing the classrooms around the school.    

We had been  looking after some lovely plants that we had donated from Trees For Canterbury  in our plant nursery until it was a good time for planting and we knew where we really wanted the garden to go.  

Initially we had thought that we would plant a garden along the back fence around the old school house but due to a new fence being put up and some issues with very wet ground we came up with a new plan.  In the end we decided  to create this garden in front of our school hall as we thought it would be a nice way to welcome visitors  and enter our school meeting place.  
We are now busy educating everyone about using the footpaths rather than short cuts through the gardens! This is part of our new Ashley School Care Code : 
We have fun and use our environment but look after it with respect- We walk around gardens rather than over  them.

We now have the important job of making sure we water and weed our new gardens so that our plants grow healthy and strong. We hope that our new native garden will help attract some more korimako (bellbirds) into our school environment!

The enviro team are now inspired and want to work on adding some further plantings and also tidying up some more gardens around the school.  

Well done Green Team, you are a wonderful group of children to work with!

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  1. I was thrilled to be asked for advice on the position of the plantings.
    Mrs O and her helpers have done a great job.
    I am sure the Ashley kids will show respect and take care of these plantings.