Sunday, 10 December 2017

One of our keen enviro members noticed that we had a problem with fruit fly in our worm farm/compost area and also with children putting incorrect foods into the bins. As a result a small group of children got together to research and action a possible solution to both of these problems.  They discovered possible reasons why we have fruit fly and formed a plan to see if they could prevent this problem. They have added shredded paper that has been soaked in water and removed any food items that were not breaking down quickly. We hope this works!

They are now working on improving the signage for our food scraps so that the younger children are able to see clearly where they should go and they plan to go around each class to remind them of where their food scraps go and why it is important to do this.
Good job team!

We have also enjoyed eating the first produce of the summer from our tunnel house- delicious cucumbers!
Super crunchy and tasty!

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