Sunday, 26 November 2017

Spring Happenings!

Although we haven't posted in a while we have still been hard at work.    
We have finally finished our new potting table and sink area thanks to Di and her hardworking family! A huge thanks also  to the West family who managed to source a stainless steel sink for us.  They have already been so handy as we planted seeds for our garden!

We have been quietly working away in our gardens to do all those busy Spring jobs of propagating seedlings, digging over soils, mulching, planting, weeding  and of course the daily watering to keep things growing.  
Our rain water collection tanks are already in good use as the warm weather sets in.  Now we need some rain to fill them up again!

Recently we had a visit from Lesley Ottey who kindly brought  9 heritage fruit trees that had been grown by a community group for us.  We have added these to our school orchard and are looking forward to enjoying their fruits in the future.  
Lesley gave us good advice about how we could help them grow with watering and mulching tips.  Armed with this knowledge the Year 5 and 6 children worked hard to build some self watering devices using old buckets that Di managed to find for us so.  We carefully cleaned the buckets and with the help of Reg found a drill bit small enough to create a hole for the water to slowly drip out of.  We then placed mulch around the bases to stop it from evaporating too quickly. 
Lachlan discovered that a couple of these buckets were blocked on the second day and came up with a solution of putting the lids back on them to stop mulch getting inside them . Jono then suggested we may need to add a whole to the top so it depressurises!  We have some great problem solvers at Ashley School. 

We also want to add some artwork to these buckets, but have discovered that the paint doesn't like sticking to the plastic.  We will keep thinking of a solution!  

Next year we would love some more members of our community to join us in our enviro journey.  If you are interested in helping  please pop in and have a chat with us!

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