Sunday, 2 April 2017

A huge thank you to Di, Jane, Bianca and Natalie for helping our children to create these amazing scarecrows from recycled goods for our school garden.  Also a big thank you to Ken who revived the rocking chair for Granny scarecrow and to Reg who did an amazing job of creating a fence  using some timber from old school seats.  What a lucky school we are to have your support!

On Thursday we were host to over 45 children, parents and teachers from Enviroschools across the Selwyn and the Waimakariri districts.  This was a wonderful opportunity for our children to share what we have been doing at Ashley School. It was a great chance to reflect on  our enviro vision and all of our achievements over the last year.  We are so proud of how much we have achieved with the support of our fantastic school community.  
It was also great to see some of the delicious things we can turn our produce from the garden into.  A massive thank you to Sarah, Di and Natalie who helped make this all possible!