Friday, 24 March 2017

Watch this space...

A talented group of clever Mums and Dads have taken on the project of creating scarecrows with our children for our garden using recycled products.  They are really starting to look cool. The children have really enjoyed seeing how they  can create amazing things from recycled goods- much of which was heading for landfill! They have picked up some sewing and building skills along the way too!  We can't wait to see them in the garden soon!

In the garden...

Over the last month we have been extremely busy in our school garden.  We have had  lots of jobs to do in the garden over the hot summer months and also now as we are approaching the cooler autumn months .  A team of keen gardeners regularly come out during their lunchtimes to water, weed and harvest our produce.    The more we are out in the garden , the more children we see  getting involved who want to be a part of it all!  
During Summer we were very thankful for the rainwater tanks as these were vital when our area went on water restrictions. This meant we could keep our garden going during our long hot summer.  It also reminded us all how precious our water is and how we need to look after it carefully.   

Recently we have  had lots of fun planting flowers and making bird feeders.  We want to attract more nature, especially birdlife to our school so we can observe them and bees so they can pollinate our plants.  We also thought that as it gets colder it will get harder for birds to find food!  

Delicious Corn from the Garden

On Monday we helped Mrs O harvest  some of the corn from our garden, in the rain.  We looked for the biggest ones first and carefully picked them.
We came up with a few  ideas about how we could cook them. This included corn fritters, but we decided that corn on the cob would be the easiest and just as delicious!  So on Tuesday we took the husks off the corn and broke them into smaller pieces so we could share them with lots of people! We boiled them in a big pot with the help of Tracey.

They were delicious with just little bit of butter! We love eating from our school garden!  We can't wait to do it again!

Tristan, James and Riley.

Worms and Compost

We noticed that some of our children have been a little unsure about where their food scraps should go so we have been busy making some labelled containers to help the children at our school learn the correct places where our food scraps should go.  
These are now kept by the recycling station and one set by Korimako. We shared these at Assembly and with each class. We hope it will make a difference to our food waste.

In the worm farm we can put things like apple cores,  banana peel , tea bags and most vegetable scraps.  They don’t like anything acidic like oranges, pineapple or tomatoes. They also don't like bread, meat or dairy products.

In the compost we can put the orange peels and pineapple skin that the worms don't like.  

We definitely can’t put any plastic, glad wrap, chip packets or snap lock bags in these. These would hurt the worms and won’t grow very tasty plants!

We think that we should really try hard not to waste food either. Most of our food should be going in our tummies or be taken home if we don't eat it.