Friday, 6 January 2017

 Our Enviro Schools Vision Statement

We want our school to be welcoming and to look bright and colourful.  
We want our school to be litter free.  
We want our gardens to be well cared for with lots of crops and fruit to share.  
We want our learning to be done in a happy way in all the different environments around the school. 

We have been making a vision map about what we want to do within the school to make it more sustainable. Do you have any ideas of what you would like to see happen in the school to make it more sustainable?
We have got a lot of our own ideas and have put them on a vision map.  The is a visual representation of of the ideas we have created as a school.  Please  check out our vision map  and our journey so far next time you are at school. It is displayed in our school hall.

You will have also noticed that our REACH pencils have been completed and now stand proudly in front of the school office.  They look amazing an will remind us of the REACH values that  we strive for at Ashley School.  A huge thank you to the Youngman family for all your help with these.  

Rakau held a very successful Market day at the end of Term 4 to help fundraise for some of the enviro projects that they have planned. There were lots of recycled goods as well as fun games, food, crafts and plants at the market.  Thank you for all of your help and support leading up to the market and of course on the day.  

Well done Korimako on completing your visual mihi for our fence around the septic area. They make the area much more colourful and exciting.  Thank you.  

The bus created by Harakeke is proving one of the most popular pieces of play equipment  at school at the moment!  The tyre sculpture is starting to take shape too!  Watch here for an update!

This year has been a very busy and exciting one for Ashley School .  We thank everyone for your help and support at we continue our journey as an Enviro school. We are looking forward to getting stuck into some more projects in the the new year.  

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