Thursday, 6 October 2016

Reducing our Food Waste- By Keira

One of my goals for our school is to have zero waste.  Food waste is a big item in our school. We have a compost bin and two worm farms to help with this but I am also helping to reduce this waste through the ‘pigs’ bucket.  At the start of the year Mr Mullan suggested that some of our scraps could go to feeding pigs.  He knew of a family just up the road, who had had children come to Ashley in past, that had kune kune pigs. I contacted the family and they were more than happy for our scraps to go to their pigs. This family has three pigs named Peppa, Clover and Patch.


They are so adorable and love to see us once a week and we love to see them.
We have two really big signs saying what they cannot have. They aren’t allowed to have egg shells, red meat and of course rubbish.

This is just another way we are working towards zero waste here at school and there will be many more coming.

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