Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Zero Waste Challenge

We are the Zero Waste action group from Rakau, Kaitlyn, Keira and Nicole, and our job is to have our school moving towards being totally Zero Waste with school lunches.

This is rather difficult at the moment because many of our students arrive at school with items in their lunch boxes wrapped in Glad Wrap, or with things like potato chips or muesli bars, that are wrapped in cellophane.

We know this because we have begun doing spot checks some mornings, of student lunch boxes. Because we know that cellophane wrappers do not break down at all, we have decided that we want to get rid of them from our school lunches.

This is a really important part of our enviro school status, where we need to think about acting sensibly and sustainably, trying not to add unnecessary waste to our school, or our environment.

In the last three weeks, when we visited each of the classrooms we found that there were many children who had cellophane wrapped food in their lunches. Here are the details of what we found so far. We are rather disappointed that there is no improvement in some classes - can you help us?

chips museli

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  1. Come on everybody!! We can do this!! Mrs Treacy